Android Nougat’s Quick Shortcuts Save You Time

Android Nougat is the newest version of Google’s mobile operating system, and it contains plenty of cool features

. Unfortunately, most Android devices don’t have it yet, so unless you have a Nexus phone or Google’s new Pixel device

, you haven’t experienced what Nougat has to offer.

Version 7.1 of Android is an incremental upgrade, but still offers some new goodies. One of these are the new Quick Shortcuts, context-sensitive shortcuts for apps on your home screen. They work a lot like the iPhone’s 3D Touch

: long-pressing on an app’s icon pops open a new bubble with shortcuts for common features of the app.

Since this is a new feature, most of the apps that support it are Google’s offerings. Currently, supported apps include Hangouts (start a new conversation), the Play Store (jump to My Apps), Camera (take a video or selfie) and Gmail (new message). Twitter is the only third-party app we found that supports the feature. It allows you to scan a QR code, start a DM, tweet, or search in one tap.

Hopefully as Nougat becomes more popular, more developers will catch onto this idea and start adding new context buttons for their apps. This isn’t a feature that radically changes how you use your phone, but shortcuts are always convenient.

Did you notice the new context shortcuts? Let us know if you’re running Android Nougat and what yout think about this feature in the comments below!

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