How to Add Enhanced Emergency Info in Android Nougat

While you hopefully won’t ever experience one, emergencies happen. From natural disasters to personal health problems, you never when a normal day could turn into one you’ll never forget. We’ve discussed Android apps that will provide help in various types of emergencies.

Older versions of Android have allowed you to add bits of info, such as emergency contacts or “if found” numbers, to the lock screen. In Android Nougat, you’re able to add all sorts of new information for a potential rescuer to use.

To start adding this information, head to Settings > Users and tap Emergency Information. The system warns you that this information is stored on your device only, and anyone with physical access to your phone can view it without knowing your passcode. Thus, you should be careful with what you add here if others might use your phone often.

Once in the menu, you’re able to add your name, address, blood type, allergies, and more. This information could prove critical to a first responder helping you, perhaps if you become unconscious from lack of medication.

On the next tab over, you can add emergency contacts. This is a great way to ensure that no matter if your phone is locked or not, someone is able to get out to a person you trust. This can also help an honest person return a lost phone.

How much info you want to add here is up to you, but remember that it could help a paramedic save you someday. Looking to add even more emergency features to your pocket? Check out the reasons you might want to get an emergency burner phone.

Will you add your emergency information to your phone, or are you not comfortable doing so? Let us know if you’ve ever used emergency info to help someone in the comments.

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