How to Get a Better Shave Using Your Android Phone or Tablet

It’s that time again. You just hopped out of bed. You’ve brushed your teeth. You’ve peed. Now it’s time to do something about that five o’clock shadow. Were you ever taught how to do the deed, or have you made do on your own? Do you feel confident in your technique?

If not, go back into the bedroom and grab your Android phone. (What, you already had it in the bathroom? Okay, even better.) Here’s how it can help you get a better shave.

1) Provide Shaving Advice & Guidance

Men like gadgets, or at least marketers think we do. Why use a screwdriver when you can have a power drill? Why pick up a paint roller when you can blast the wall? And why, oh why, are you still gliding a razor along your chin? Get an electric shaver, Philips says. And download this Android app while you’re at it.

Grooming: Shaving & Styling may be a transparent effort to sell more Norelco products, but it’s a useful one. The app’s shaving guide shows you how to shave wet or dry. It offers advice on how to prevent skin irritation and get difficult hairs. A video that’s essentially an ad accompanies each of these topics, but it’s still nice information to have all in one place. Beauty tips aren’t as ubiquitous for men as they are for women.

Sidenote: you can find a ton of similar videos on Gillette’s YouTube page. Or, you know, you can watch tutorials from just about anyone. Chances are the YouTube app came pre-installed on your tablet or phone.

More adventurous shavers can check out the app’s style guide. Here you can learn how to shape a horseshoe mustache or craft a full goatee. Or you can dive into a style you’ve possibly never heard of, like the Balbo beard, the Clark Gable mustache, the Van Dyke, or the Zappa. Just don’t take a selfie afterwards. There’s a chance it won’t be a look you want immortalized.

The app provides previews too, so you can get an idea how you would look in a particular style. This feature requires sending your image to Philip’s servers temporarily. The same consent is required to get shaving advice tailored to your beard density and skin sensitivity.

Download: Grooming: Shaving & Styling for Android (Free)

2) Log & Rank Shaves

How seriously do you take shaving? If the answer isn’t maybe a little too seriously, then skip this section. You see, Shaving Buddy isn’t meant for people who just want to get the scruff off their face and go about their day. This app is for the most dedicated and obsessive of shavers.

Do you collect razors? Shaving Buddy lets you track them. You can log your blade, brush, lather, aftershave, and any other products you need.

After adding your razor, you can track how many times you shave and what combination of products you utilized. And don’t forget to rate the outcome.

After a while, you can view charts showing which products you’ve used the most and what gave you the best results. And don’t worry, the information only gets more detailed from there. The free version limits you to five items of each type. You can remove this limit and the ads for $2.99.

Download: Shaving Buddy for Android (Free with ads | $2.99 Premium in-app purchase)

3) Be a Mirror

Shaving in the bathroom mirror can be awkward. In those cases, it helps to have a handheld mirror lying around. If you don’t, your phone or tablet could serve in a pinch. Android has no shortage of mirror apps, but ignore them. Many come with intrusive ads. Instead, just activate your front facing camera. Use whatever app your phone came with as though you were taking a selfie. It’s effectively the same thing.

4) Supply More Razors pitches itself as a luxury shaving club, and it has an Android app in the Play Store for folks who see shaving as more than a daily chore. Its products aren’t necessarily cheap, but you can order them directly from your phone. It’s not a particularly pretty app, but how much does that really matter in this case? At least it made the effort to shave.

Most people aren’t going to fork over that much cash for razors. Fortunately, you can get blades and cartridges from the same place you’ve been ordering games, books, and things you just can’t find at your local store. That’s right: Amazon.

Download: for Android (Free)

Download: Amazon for Android (Free)

5) Fake It

Android devices can’t shave your face for you, but they can pretend to. With the right app installed, you can hold a cold touchscreen to your chin and get treated to all the whirs and buzzes you would expect from an electric razor.

This probably won’t hold an adult’s interest for long, but it might amuse the little ones. The next time your kid reaches for your razor to glide against their own hairless face, let them pretend with Shave My Face instead. When he’s done, let him fire up Electric Razor or Hair Clipper for those sideburns. Just child-proof your device beforehand.

With him occupied, maybe you can actually concentrate on shaving yourself.

Download: Shave My Face for Android (Free with ads)

Download: Electric Razor for Android (Free with ads)

Download: Hair Clipper for Android (Free with ads)

How’s Your Shave?

When you can’t avoid shaving, you might as well make it as smooth a process as possible (we can’t all be Amish). Maybe one of these apps leaves you stroking your chin with interest.

Probably not. Shaving is one of those things that many people either love or hate, and there isn’t much that will change that.

But if you have found a way to incorporate Android that I haven’t mentioned, by all means, share it with us in the comments.

And now that you’re done shaving. Don’t forget to brush.

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