How to View the Default Apps on Android Nougat

Your default apps are important on any platform. The operating system manufacturer probably has set its “recommended” apps as default, which might not be what you actually prefer to use. Android, curiously, hasn’t historically had a central place to manage all your default apps.

Instead, when you try to open a file on Android that multiple apps could open, you’re asked which one you’d prefer. You also have to choose if you’d like this to be a one-time (Once) or permanent (Always) decision. It’s easy to mis-tap and set an app as default that you don’t want, though. We’ve shown you how to change your default apps, but fishing though your app list trying to locate defaults can be a chore.

In Android Nougat, there’s a much easier way to view all your default apps without installing anything. Head to Settings > Apps to view everything you have installed, then click the Settings gear icon in the top bar. In this list, you can see the default app on your system for every type of action. This includes your SMS app, default browser, and Phone apps.

Tap on any entry to list the apps on your system that can take the place of default. You can also choose the Opening Links entry to see which apps open certain URLs (like the Amazon app opening links to its website). Finally, have a look at the App permissions section to see which apps have access to certain categories like your location and microphone. You can easily toggle those here.

Got some apps set as default that you’re not interested in using? Review how to remove any unwanted app from your Android phone.

Do you find this menu useful for managing your default apps? Let us know below!

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